Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

2015 is quite extraordinary for the Forest Research Institute due to the 85th anniversary of its founding. That anniversary will be held as festivity for staff, friends and well-wishers of the institute. The history of the institute extends to the year 1930, when the Experimental Department of the State Forests was organized. Four years later it was transformed into the Research Institute of the State Forests and after the World War II reformed into the Forest Research Institute. From the beginning the Institute consistently implements its scientific mission developing research programs which enrich our knowledge necessary for managing forest resources. The Institute is also a place where past connects with present and science with practice cooperating for the good of our forests.
The 85th anniversary will give us an occasion to summarize and to reflect, and also to draw up plans for the future and to set courageous goals for the development of forest science. The main anniversary events will take place on June 17-18 2015 within the Institute headquarters located in Sękocin Stary. They will include honorary session of the Scientific Board as well as international conference „Challenges and opportunities of forestry in the 21st century".
It is a great pleasure for us to invite all of you to the 85th anniversary of the Forest Research Institute. Please also follow our web pages, where we plan to display the updated information related to anniversary events.